TestAnalytika is the only firm in Latin America championing a Decoupled Business Model to make Genomic Testing cheaper, faster, more accessible and with high local content

Traditionally, Genomic Testing follows the "ship biopsy, wait for results" model where the biopsy was performed locally, but sent to the USA for determination of the genomic mutations, the Bioinformatics and the subsequent Annotation (Medical Interpretation).


This implied waiting for biopsy shipping times, increased costs due to the shipping costs of the biopsies, possible deterioration of the biopsy in transit and sending of samples that ultimately were not of sufficient quality (NSQ). Plus there was little transfer of intellectual capital and technology to the host country and its professionals.


Our Decoupled Business Model aims to turn  this around for the better.


We facilitate alliances between local labs with the necessary Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) equipment and know how so they can perform most of the work themselves, locally, in house and with a significant transfer of technology and know how from our US allies. Our allies provide the know how and technology to perform much of the work locally. Only selected results are sent electronically to the USA for final evaluation by oncological specialists whose expertise is still not available globally.


This means up to a 50% reduction in costs and processing time; plus the local economy grows because now skilled services are performed locally instead of being farmed out to the USA.


With this decrease in costs without a decrease in quality, many more local patients can have access to this revolutionary type of oncological care.


The diagrams below show our process in action.

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Some images courtesy NIH. Attribution and thanks are hereby given.

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