For Insurance Companies and Institutions

Our Value Added Service Integrator Proposal for Insurance Companies and Institutions


For Insurance Companies and Institutions, Profitability and Client Service go hand in hand.


TestAnalytika supports both these goals:


1) We support profitability by aiding Insurance Companies overseas to structure value added 'buy up' Riders to existing policies or emit new policies that cover the Genomic Tests, Diagnostic Decision Support and Long Distance Cancer Advisory Services. Thus these vital additions to Patient Care are not insurance company cost centers, but new profit centers. Institutions and Public Sector organizations can count on TestAnalytika to provide the maximum benefit for the investment realized and demonstrate to their beneficiaries and stakeholders how they are fulfilling their missions in an innovative manner. Both Insurance Companies and Global Institutions benefit from US based Cancer Advisory Services that may change the Patient's therapeutic roadmap, saving time, lives and avoiding fruitless expenses.


2) Access to US based Cancer Advisory Services and Molecular Diagnostic testing elevates the level of Patient Care available globally without requiring the Patient to leave his or her home country, be separated from family and home environment and add additional strain on what is already a difficult health and family situation. In addition, the cost savings from not having to travel overseas for global level care are enormous.


TestAnalytika will facilitate and enable the entire process  from the shipping of biopsies and transmission of the Patient’s Clinical History to the execution of the Molecular Diagnostic tests,  Diagnostic Decision Support and Long Distance Cancer  Advisory Services to ensure that results are delivered to the patient’s physician in a secure and timely fashion and in a foreign language if necessary.


We can work with international institutions to effect payments in their Local Currency if needed. 


One additional Value Add for Insurance Companies:


TestAnalytika has a rich database of Cancer Incidence worldwide and can support local insurance companies in proper pricing of these policies plus our experience globally can advise firms as to the specific conditions and requirements that ensure functionality and profitability.




We recommend  insurance coverage at two levels:

  • Complete – coverage starts at the confirmation of malignancy (Stage I) or whenever the Cancer is identified. At this Stage, the Patient’s  Physician would receive Long Distance Cancer Advisory Services from one of our top US Cancer Centers affiliated with the Program
  • Basic – coverage starts at the confirmation of metastasis (Stage IV or, in some cases IIIB). At this Stage, the Patient’s  Physician would receive Long Distance Cancer Advisory Services from one of our top US Cancer Centers affiliated with the Program or could opt to go direct to a Molecular Diagnostic Test if appropriate.


The policies can cover either Individuals or Families; sold by Retail or Group Channels. Both are available in Economic or Premium versions; different providers and cost levels.


TAK can arrange for full reinsurance of all the liabilities through an all inclusive Service Contract written with the local carrier. All payments can be made in the local currency.


We can structure the coverage around Riders that are offered as optional buy-up alternatives to existing policies or collaborate with the insurance carrier to write a new policy around this Service

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