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TestAnalytika is not a Health Care Provider- we are a support service for Physicians, Hospitals, Pathology Laboratories, Genomic Labs and everyone else involved in the global fight against Cancer.


Our Services aim to give the international Physician access to US level diagnostic tools and services in order to improve their delivery capabilities. We do not offer "Second Opinions" - we only advise MD's on an MD to MD basis. Our services enrich the local MD's diagnostic capabilities, they do not supplant them and the local MD retains full responsibility and authority in Patient Care.


The networks and contacts formed between US specialists and their international counterparts will hopefully improve global Cancer care and lead to future collaboration between individuals, institutions and even nations.


TestAnalytika is developing with our US service providers a series of medical education and outreach elements that will help extend knowledge of Genomic Testing and advanced cancer therapeutics to other communities around the world.


Hospitals, Cancer Clinics and similar Medical Institutions will be invited to participate in and  contribute to this effort.

International Health Care Providers, Hospitals, Physicians and Pathology Labs have in TestAnalytika a new ally to provide a higher level of care for their patients, whether covered by Insurance or PrePay.

In a short while, Health Care providers will be  encouraged to enroll in our Health Care Provider Registration or Affiliation Program in order to keep abreast of developments in our service, gain access to medical education and collaboration agreements and other benefits that TestAnalytika's Services will provide, integrating the entire value chain via our Portal and Secure Online Platform.


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Some images courtesy NIH. Attribution and thanks are hereby given.

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