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We are focused on making US level Cancer Diagnostics available globally.


"Errare humanum est" - even in the US there is a 20% rate of misclassification of cancers; in Developing Countries it is estimated as between 20-30% - aggravating the problem.


The causes tend to be systemic and transcend the individual capabilities of the physicians.


Remote Cancer Advisory Services can add value and help minimize the problem.


On the other hand, while cancer has been treated for decades by the same strategies, now there are advances in genomics and genetics…We can now take a tumor sample and find its genomic mutations in a specialized laboratory Once you have completed the analysis  in the lab, the doctors integrate this analysis with the patient's medical record to define the best treatment - “Personalized Medicine“.


The genomic evidence underpins  ‘Personalized Medicine’.

TestAnalytika is dedicated to making Remote Cancer Advisory Services and Genomic Testing available worldwide.

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