Making "Global Care, Everywhere" a reality

TestAnalytika, LLC in conjunction with world renowned Genomic Labs in the US, is launching a service in early 2016 that will help global cancer patients have access to advanced Genomic Tests and Diagnostic Decision Support via top US Cancer Centers through either PrePay/SelfPay,  an Integrated Insurance Solution or Institutional Plans. 


We make "Global Care, Everywhere" and Personalized Medicine a reality.


Our range of services,  focused on Cancer, integrates the various elements required to deliver top level diagnostics to global Cancer Patients. These include: 

  • Molecular Diagnostic (Genomic) Testing
  • Diagnostic Decision Support
  • Long Distance Cancer Advisory Services
  • Quality Control of incoming and outgoing medical communications
  • Review of Patient’s Medical Records for Completeness
  • Payments to the US based medical service suppliers
  • Follow up on case progress
  • Certified Translations- incoming and outgoing
  • Logistics support and tracking
  • Third Party Administrator services as required
  • Support in identifying relevant International Clinical Trials


Channel Partners, Insurance and Institutions

On the Operational side we integrate a series of different Service providers both in the US and internationally to enable Molecular Diagnostic Tests, Diagnostic Decision Support and Long Distance Cancer Advisory Services  to be delivered to the Patient's Physician with a minimum of trouble and a maximum of security and Customer Satisfaction. 

On the Economics and Financial side, we do this by enabling the Insurance Coverage for Developing Country Patients that would not normally have access to these Services within their standard insurance coverage.  We also enable PrePay patients to pay in US Dollars -or their local currency where possible- the fees required for these Services. Finally, we work with Institutions to facilitate these services to their Employees, Retirees and other Beneficiaries as appropriate.




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Some images courtesy NIH. Attribution and thanks are hereby given.

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